I have the world's most affectionate son. When my husband leaves for work, The Boy's feet hit the floor and he jumps in bed with me to cuddle or whisper or fall back asleep. He is huggy and lovey and likes to show me affection.

He doesn't care who sees him love his mommy, either; at least, he used to not care.

The first time The Boy decided he was A Big Boy was last year; he had just turned eight and had a friend over to spend the night. He whispered in my ear, Don't tuck me in tonight or kiss me, ok? Just wave from the door. I can assure you, my heart did a little twinge, but I understood he didn't want to look like A Little Boy in front of his friend, who was the ripe old age of ten and thought it was weird to like your mom.

A few days later, I dropped him off to spend time with Another Friend. I started to hug him goodbye, but he took a little step back and proclaimed Another Friend had told him he was too old for that.

All the mommy-guilting in the world couldn't change his mind.

Time passed, and suddenly it seemed he had forgotten he was A Big Boy and he began to hug me in public again.

Happy Mommy!

Until we went to the zoo last week with a large group of friends. I started to hold his hand, and he looked at me like I was trying to make him walk through the zoo naked or something. I was brave and did not cry, but when we got home we had a little talk about how Little Boys become Big Boys and eventually Grown Men, but he will always, always in my heart, be my Little Boy.


Aww... Sounds like you're really appreciating and cherishing those precious years of innocent expression. I guess it's a Mom's job to keep alive in our hearts those delicious memories of little arms round our necks and wet kisses on our faces!

These years go by too quickly! I don't want to forget these moments. :)

You look very familiar in this picture. Have I read/commented on your blog before? Have we met?

A few years ago, I wrote about our homeschooling at homeschooljournal.net under the name Scrappitydoodah, but I only recently found your blog.

I have a son who is just like this...still. He's 11 now.
The other day he said, 'I'm a momma's boy. But I'm also a hard ass, so it's cool,"


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